Check your email and log in to your account first.

Your account should have been created the moment you attempted to pay the first time.

Please check your email before you try it again. You should have received a confirmation email saying the account has been created. Please click the link to reset the password and log in to the account on the website ( or

Check your order status.

In some cases the payment will take several minutes to process because of internet speed or site traffic. If there was nothing wrong with your billing address, please wait about 15-20 min and check your order status.

If your order status is ‘processing‘, it means that the payment has been made successfully.

In this case, you are good to go. Please finish your registration process by submitting a liability release form. 

In some cases the payment will not go through at all. 

If your order status is “failed,” please follow the instructions below. 

1. Wrong billing information

When you open a payment page, you need to fill out two different kinds of information forms, the billing and the attendee information. You should fill out the card holder’s information on the billing information section. If you put your name and information on the billing information and used a card that is not under your name, please, click cancel on this transaction and make another transaction with correct billing information. 

After canceling the failed transaction, click the Higher Calling conference logo on the top of the left side. Then you can go to the registration ticket page. Choose the ticket and go through the payment process. You don’t have to fill out the attendee’s information again as long as you are logged in. Make sure filling out the billing information section with the card holder’s name and contact information. 

2. Internet speed and traffic on the site.

If the billing information is not the reason of the failed payment, it could be internet speed and traffic. In some cases the payment will take some time to go through, but in other cases the transaction might not go through at all. 

If your order status is still listed as “Failed” after 20 minutes. Please click “pay” and try again. If you are logged in, then payments should go through a majority of the time. You don’t have to fill out billing and attendee information again if you are logged in. 

If you need to change the billing information, please cancel this transaction by clicking “cancel.” Do not log out, just click the Higher Calling logo on the top left side. Then you can see the registration ticket option. Click register and complete your payment and you are done.

You don’t have to fill out the registration form again 

If does not work for you, there might be a separate reason. It is possible that your bank is not allowing your payment. In this case, please try to complete your payment with a different card, or contact your bank. If you need further assistance, please contact

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