Higher Calling Conference


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Plenary Sessions

Plenary is our main session of the conference, consisting of praise, message, testimonies, prayer, and more. Join us as we all tune in together to worship the Lord and discover more of His heart for us and the rest of the world. Come see what the Lord has in store for you personally and as a Kingdom community.

What is a Small Group & Soonjang?

Small groups are designed to be a safe, welcoming place for you to freely share your thoughts, questions, struggles, and more. Our hope and prayer is that you will not only grow as friends with one another, but also as Christ-centered brothers and sisters. Each small group will be led by a soonjang. A soonjang is not just a small group leader. He or she is actually here to serve, guide, and lead you throughout your conference journey. If you have any questions at all or need prayer throughout your time with us, please ask your soonjang! He or she will gladly help & serve you.

Prayer Rooms

Would you like to receive prayer? We pray that the conference will be a blessing to you. However, there are times when it’s difficult to pray. Perhaps you’re not sure what to pray or even where to start. If you would like to receive prayer throughout the conference, there will be a Prayer Team ready to pray with you on the HCC Discord Channel. Whether it’s a personal prayer request or a prayer request for someone else, please don’t hesitate to ask for prayer. The Discord Prayer Rooms will be open from 1pm-3pm every day of the conference. Simply go on the Prayer Channel and join any room. A SOON Staff will be more than happy to meet with you to process and pray with you.

Elective Seminars

We have an amazing line-up this year for Elective Seminars. Each speaker is well-versed in his or her given topic and we strongly recommend that you prayerfully choose which elective seminar you would like to attend.

EV Workshops

Ever had an itch to just tell someone next to you how good God is but you just didn’t know how? In our “Evangelism Workshop,” we will not just motivate you to go and share God’s love, but we will also train & equip you in being an effective multiplying disciple. Join us in discovering one of the best ways to be a blessing and a joy to those around you and beyond.

Fellowship & Games / Class Time

One beautiful thing about Higher Calling is that we get to meet students from all other campuses and regions - students from Boston University, Georgia Tech, Columbia University, and more. “Fellowship and Games” is happening on Thursday (1/6), 4:30pm. In the name of friendly competition, we hope you will have a blast getting to know one another and win awesome prizes! “Class Time” is exactly what it sounds like. Each grade will meet separately as a class to have some fun and spend some meaningful time together.
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