Elective Seminar

Super Seminar

Peter Koo

How God Redeems The Journey From Your Past to Your Future

The purpose of this seminar is to help students connect their past experiences with others to their present relationship with God. During this time, attendees will process some of the formative memories from their childhood. Do you like drawing pictures and writing letters to your younger self? Then this seminar is for you!

Ben Shin

What is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality?

This seminar will focus on the integration of emotion, health, and spirituality for the believer in order to be able to connect with God and His people effectively and fully with the goal of holistic growth. We will also explore the different hindrances that sometimes impede all of this from happening.

Elective Seminar

Jon Rittenhouse

Male Sexuality and the Pursuit of Purity

(Men only)

The topic of sexuality is often a forbidden topic in Asian culture but one that is critical to address. God created us as sexual beings with many desires but how do we pursue purity and what are the boundaries? Join us for an open and honest perspective.

Justin Kim

Friendship Matters

We all need friends in our lives because friendships are important and valuable. It's how we were wired and built, not to be alone, but to be in community and friendship with others. So how come we have such a difficult time connecting with others and making deep friendships? What is the answer? And how does the Gospel and Jesus mend and heal our broken friendships in life?

Chris Lin

Pursuing the Heart of Worship

Worship is one of the most sacred parts of the Christian experience. However in today's worship culture, the temptation to achieve excellence in style, musicality, and production often overshadow the power of a heart that's captured by the glory of God. The goal of this seminar is to raise up a generation of worship leaders who will not compromise in their pure pursuit of God, but to live radically in love with Him as they lead others to the Father's heart.

Grace Yoon

God’s Redemptive Story in the Midst of Sexual Brokenness

(Women only)

The impacts of pornography, promiscuity, sexual abuse, addictions and vices have caused a deep brokenness that creates strongholds of guilt and shame with consequences that are lasting and tragic. This seminar will seek to help examine how God's redemptive power weaves into our journey to bring forth healing, restoration, and the ability to view and uphold sex and sexuality in the way that God designed it - for His glory.

Eugene Kim

Spiritual Discipline on Giving

Giving is a spiritual discipline and it does not come easily. We'll cover some general principles behind giving, and the right attitude that should motivate our giving. We'll also apply these principles to ministry work, an area that requires much giving, and often competes with academic demands of college students.

Ben Shin

Are You Deconstructing?

The elective will discuss the prevlant process of deconstruction that often leads to deconversion. What are the causes of deconstruction? How can we be proactive to prevent deconstruction? And how can we minister to those who have already deconverted?

MyungJin Cho

Staff & Internship with SOON Movement Global

Thinking of investing your life to help build disciples among every tribe and nation and people and language? Full-time Missionary staff members have many different kinds of roles with SOON, in any of our ministries, and locations in the US and other countries. Learn more about a Missionary Staff career and explore what’s involved in serving the Lord in a full time position with SOON.