Higher Calling Conference

Elective Seminars

Elective Seminars I
Wednesday, January 5
7pm - 8:30pm

Biblical Sexuality: Discovering God's Intention and Purpose Regarding Sex or Sexuality (Females Only)
Hanna Chung
PhD in Family Ministry, LMFT

Our world today has a very broken view of sex and sexuality through what we are surrounded by - our culture, media, and even our experiences. This was not how God intended it to be. In this seminar, we will explore what the Bible says about sex, and discover God’s true good intentions and purposes for it.

*This seminar will only be open to female registrants only.
**Come prepared to do a craft (i.e. scissors, markers, paper, play doh)
Spiritual Direction
Bill Johnson
Pastor at Cornerstone Church, Boston

Have you ever wondered “What is God speaking to me right now?” You’re not alone. Especially in our world today in which we are inundated with noise, it’s hard to discern God’s voice. In this seminar, you will learn what Spiritual Direction is, and how it may benefit you to have a conversation with a spiritual director who listens to the Holy Spirit with you. This seminar also offers a 1 hour session with a spiritual director that you can sign up for.

Religion of Jesus or White Christianity? Uncovering the History and Theology of Race in the Church.

Chris Lee

Racism isn’t only a social or political issue but also a theological heresy. The deeper we look into Christians’ historical attitude towards race, we discover disturbing truths—namely, Christians distorted the Bible to justify an enconomy based on slavery and oppression. Racial justice might be possible, if we truly confront the history and theology behind the creation of white supremacy. In this seminar, we’ll briefly survey the history of Christianity and race, and understand how the religion of Jesus helps us to address white supremacy.

The Bible: Reliable Witness or Religious Relic?

Byron Straughn
Cru Staff in Theological
Development & Culture

When's the last time you heard "the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God"? Would you feel embarrassed to say that? After all, it's an old book, written by who knows who, and has been used to oppress people and suppress ideas. The Bible has been translated and copied through the ages. During this seminar, we want to consider questions about the Bible, but also understand how it's worthy of our trust.

Elective Seminars II
Thursday, January 6
3pm - 4:30pm

From the Campus to the City: A Biblical Vision for Faith on Mission Post-Graduation
A life of faith on mission after graduation begins right now, not when you graduate. And essential to a life of faith on mission is the local church. The aim of every form of evangelism, discipleship and missions aims not only for people to be saved from hell, but to be saved to be the church, the body of Christ.

Hosted by Pastor Joseph Ryu, we will begin with a short time introducing a biblical and practical case for the essential role of the local church for faith on mission for the rest of our lives. Afterwards, most of our time together will be listening to a panel discussion between James Yoon (Local Church Member), Brian Na (Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church NY) and Austin West (Director, Commons NYC).
Mental Health & The Christian Response
Dr. Julio Orozco
Alliance Graduate School of Counseling

We have experienced collective trauma in the past year because of COVID. And even without that factor, there are struggles that we face in our families, schools, and communities that lead us to anxiety and depression. In this seminar, we will explore what it looks like to respond to our mental health as a Christian living in this world.

Dating & Relationships (Males Only)

Mark Ro
Pastor at Joy Christian Fellowship

What does it look like to have healthy relationships, especially in dating? In our world today, we’ve seen many broken portrayals of men, perhaps even in our own families. In this seminar, we will explore the role of a man in relationships, and how we can arise to the call to reflect Christ. *This seminar will only be open to male registrants only.